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Pump the car stereo, hang your feet out of the passenger window and hop on the feel good express with Rebel ShakeDown.”

– MilkCrater Music Site

The new California Reggae superband formed on August 20, 2014. Since its formation the band has undergone several changes to create the sound it produces today. As of recently, the band now consists of former members of other well known bands in the Southern California Reggae scene. Together the members of Rebel ShakeDown have 30 years of tour experience.


Upon graduation at UC Santa Barbara, Josh returned to Huntington Beach, CA with one goal in mind. That goal has brought RSD where it is today. Josh and Justin Ianelli have been sharing the stage together since their former bands performed together starting in 2009. Since the heartbreak of their previous bands Rebel ShakeDown arose from the ashes. Josh recruited Nicholas Marks after performing with Nick’s old band The Ole’s in Santa Barbara. One family reunion later and Laurence Rugley was brought into the picture as RSD’s Keyboard player. 


Since it’s short existence, RSD has shared the stage with national acts such as HIRIE, Fortunate Youth, Eli-Mac, Leilani Wolfgram, Rome of Sublime w/ Rome etc… RSD released their first song titled “Don’t Rock My Boat” on November 23, 2014. They released their first EP album titled “World On Fire” on July 31, 2015. The EP album was produced with Lewis Richards of 17th Street Recording Studio and featured Casey and Matt from the band Seedless with percussion done by Travi Bongo of Fortunate Youth. Following the release of their EP album, RSD released an Official Music Video for their track titled “Soundwaves” which was again followed by their most recent single release “Lost In Ya Love.”




RSD has finished recording their Debut Long Play Album and will be releasing it Summer of 2019 followed by a National Tour! 


- Mikey Wolfe – Drums 

- Justin Ianelli – Bass – of Seedless 

- Nicholas Marks – Trumpet – of The Ole’s

- Laurence Rugley – Keyboards 

- Flyin Jay – Trombone – of Fishbone

- Dave Tab – Keyboards

- Mighty - Percussion

- Josh Ullrich – Guitar/Vocals – of Phat Reggae Dub

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